MIND THE GAB were founded by Pixner Kurt and Gabi Freitag in January 1995 with Stefano Sgorbati. The initial formation was a trio with Kurt on guitar and vocals, Gabi on lead vocals and Stefano on percussions. After a period for 1 and a half year of playing live and writing songs together they decided to reinforce the band with two additional musicans. Charlie Schatzer on bass and Eric Frajria on drums and occasionaly the sax player Michi Agreiter. In 1996 they recorded their depute Cd “Natural High” and were also selected for the Arezzo Wave live festival in Toscany. After the live performance at the Arezzo in july 1998, they went on a live tournee through Italy. After that, there followed many concert in northern Italy and at the end of 1999 the band split up .

GABI played: ( Ibanez accoustic guitar and Shure 58 mic. ) She began writing songs at the age of 15 and played live with an accoustic guitar. 1984 she won a song contest and went to Berlin in the HANSA STUDIOS to make a recording session. In 1987 she travelled to London where she lived and played for 6 years and met some interesting groups like the FAIRGROUND ATTRACTIONS; STONE ROSES and RAGGA TWINS. In 1989 she met Kurt in London who payed a visit to some friends and came with his guitar to play in the underground and took a look at the music scene. In 1993 she came back to South Tirol and started to work with local musicans and to play her songs live with an accoustic guitar. 1995 she was asked by Kurt to play together in a trio and to form the new group MIND THE GAB:

Kurt played: ( Gibson Les Paulstandard, Fender Stratocaster, Höfner Nightingale Special and an custom made accoustic guitar. Gallien Krüger and Peavey Bandit Amps, Zoom 2020, AKG 1000 mic. Yamaha QY 20 ) Played and studied music with friends since 1987 but he is known from the ALUNA JAZZ BAND, which he founded with the other members. It was the apprenticeship where he took on a strong jazz, funk and latin influences. In 1994 he tried to form a crossover projekt named THE PEX; with other local musicans, made some weird demo tapes but didn´t find the right folks to work with. In 1995 he asked Gabi and Stefano to join him in an accoustic trio.

Stefano played: ( all latin percussions and native instruments from all over the world ) He played in many local groups for many years but the most important was the great GIANLUCA MOSOLE GROUP an italian guitarist with a wide reputation and some great CD ´s on the market. He toured for about 2 years through Italy and met Nanà Vasconcelos and Airto Moreira. Played at the Rolling Stone in Milan and at the famous UMBRIA JAZZ FESTIVAL

Charlie played: Warwick 5 string and a SWR redhead bass amp ) He ´s a good friend over the years and was persuaded by Kurt to join the band, although he used to be a guitar player.

Eric played: DW drums and joined the group at the studio sessions.
He played in several bands and as a session musician for recording studios.

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